Time changes, and so do the signs

I’ve seen signs coming and going during this project. Time changes and so do the signs. The city is in constant movement and that’s the way how life should go. On the move. I cherish some beautiful letters from the past, and I’m happy I can still see and appreciate them today, but I also know it’s not the destiny of most of the signs.

I guess I have been capturing a little bit of history into my map and postcards, it’s now to walk that walk, as in 2 years there might be only half of them left. I noticed today that the letters of Auberge du bovendael were just removed. The Marolles are changing big time, but I hope the spirit remains, also some letter-spirits.


(Above: left – letters still hanging / right – today, letters removed)


(Above: detail from one of the postcards I made, featuring ‘Auberge du Bovendael)

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