Other typographic walks

There’s more walks to explore for the type hunters. As I’m not the only one doing a typogrraphic walk ofcourse. I’ll give you a few tips starting from a few walks I’ve experienced. In the past year I’ve enjoyed a really nice type bikeride guided by type designer David Quay in Breda for example. He’s doing some more walking tours in Dordrecht early october. So, check it out if you’re interested. (see event)

I’ve been doing a Type Safari in Dalston aswellll, guided by Sarah Hyndman from Type Tasting who’s doing some more type experiments during this week’s London Design Festival

And Sam Roberts from Ghost signs launched his Ghost Signs Tours app this week too. So, I’ve been doing one of his walks immediately yesterday.

And by doing all these walks, I’ve noticed that we all have a different approach to the walk and type we present, but we’re all bringing a bit of the sparkle of our love for type to others. Beautiful.





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