Mind The Gap

I haven’t been writing a lot these last months as a lot happened. 2016 was the year of MyTypeOfWalk developping into a beautiful Brussels typographical map, poster, postcards and some nice guided type tours and lovely reactions to that. And I’m so grateful for that!

A typographical map of the Marolles in Brussels. I wouldn’t mind going further and make another map of another part in Brussels, I already have ideas! But that might not be straight away, because…

I moved to London in November to join my partner!

Lots of typography too here, even more! And so much nice libraries, archives, walks, letters everywhere! And on top of that it was just a century ago that the famous Underground-Typeface Johnston was born, with extra attention to typography in the city to spoil me even more.
I will try to make a map here in London as well, but no hurry. I’m still adapting to the new life, the new job, the new city. It’s all quite intense after living all my life in Brussels! But happy to explore it all. And I’m minding the gap.

I really liked these letters as it’s a playful hide-and-seek of the letters with the different lines, colours and patterns around it.


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